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Welcome to my Deviant Art page.

If you were looking for someone normal, I'm sorry but you've reached my page by mistake. Please hit the back button on your browser now.

However, if you're entirely insane and searching for the leader of your kind, you've found me. Welcome home.

Page Doll Commission #1 -TaylorHatake by Kitty-Vamp
My Taylor drawn by the lovely Kitty-Vamp

Featured Deviation

A Walk at Night by TaylorHatake />

"A Walk at Night" Kakashi Hatake, Sakumo Hatake and Taylor Hatake (OC)

Featured Deviation II

Aishiteiru by TaylorHatake />

"Aishiteiru" Aidan Waite and Sally Malik

Find me

Page Doll Commission #3 -TaylorHatake by Kitty-Vamp
Find me:




"Each of us bears a responsibility to reject hate, whatever its form, whatever its justification. A soul filled with hate can devastate a community. A nation filled with hate can devastate a people. It must start and end with each of us." - George Takei.



Page Doll Commission #2 -TaylorHatake by Kitty-Vamp
Thanks goes to
Kitty-Vamp for my page dolls
Kyasarinn for the custom box background
Caliko-44 for all her drawings of Taylor and my icon here, on Fanfic, on Youtube, on my Hotmail account, and my Facebook ;o; :tighthug:

About Me~!

Self Portrait of Me by TaylorHatake
(me and my friends here on dA. They're awesome)

|Nickname| Taylor or Kazu or Moriko

|Age| 15 「1999年 01月 31日」

|Chinese Zodiac| Tiger

|Gender| Female (le tomboy)

|Current Location| Chesapeake, Va (It's so beautiful here ;u; )

|Favorite Colors| Dark blues and dark greys and black C:

|Favorite Mangas/Animes| Kekkaishi, Naruto, Mushi-Shi, Rosario + Vampire, Digimon Tamers, Miki Falls, Natsume Yūjinchō, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, Persona 4

|Favorite Movies| Almost all of Hayao Miyazaki's films (I haven't seen two of them, I've seen all the others), The Hunger Games, Alice in Wonderland (With Jonny Depp), The Day After Tomorrow

|Favorite Games| Pokémon Black, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Persona 4

|Favorite TV shows| Doctor Who, Star Trek (TNG, Voyager, DS9), My Cat From Hell, Mythbusters, Falling Skies, CSI (NY, Miami, LV), Law & Order SVU, NCIS (LA, DC), Defiance, Royal Pains, Under The Dome, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Kung fu Panda, Ned's Declassified, Mulberry, Wavy TV 10, Today Show

|Favorite Books| The entire Last Survivors Series, 5th Wave,

|Favorite Music Artists/Bands| Kazuhiko Inoue, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Adele, Avenged Sevenfold, Shinedown, Nickelback, Lindsey Sterling

|Interests| :reading: Japanese culture, Japanese language, Japanese music, mangas, making mangas, cats, owls, wolves, writing, drawing, reading, the four seasons, meteorology, chibis, sci-fi, spanish language, Doomsday, astronomy, physics, space

|Dislikes| :rage: Bullies, disrespect, waking up early, mornings, clowns, violence (There is a certain level of violence I can and can't handle.), art theft, being yelled at or hearing someone yell because they're angry, selfish people, congress, men who think women shouldn't have freedom, people who think gay marriage is sinful, most people who are super super religious and take words from the bible and twist them around and all that, rudeness... OH AND SPIDERS AND REPTILES. I hate those things T.T SPIDERS ARE EVIL LITTLE SHTAKOS

|Lanugages| English, and I'm currently learning Español and 日本語.

Kariko's Drawings of Taylor

The Hatake Legacy by Caliko-44 Taylor in the Fall by Caliko-44
For Taylor Hatake by Caliko-44Halloween Contest, Guardians of the Night by Caliko-44
Coming and Going by Caliko-44Taylor by Caliko-44
Walkin' After Midnight by Caliko-44


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In case I want to commission someone ^^

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Fantasy Scapes
Space The Final Frontier by TaylorHatake
Hope by TaylorHatake
A Nebula For My Mother by TaylorHatake
Fantasy Realm by TaylorHatake
I'm gonna do more of these so I have more examples, but I want to do space paintings because I just...I love space! 
Kawaii Chibis!
She's Choking Me! by TaylorHatake
Moriko Chibi'd by TaylorHatake
Leigh Huang by TaylorHatake
Taylor Hatake Chibi by TaylorHatake
Aren't I Adorable? by TaylorHatake
Love cute things? I love cute things, especially CHIBIS!!!!! 

It can be a self-portrait, or a portrait of your character OR a fictional character you like (as long as its not Tobi/Obito from Naruto because I hate him to no end and I refuse to draw him)

Character Portraits
Self Portrait of Me by TaylorHatake
Hachiyou Tachibana no Tomomasa by TaylorHatake
Smile A Sweet Smile by TaylorHatake
Commission: Kano Hoseki by TaylorHatake
Hachiyou Abe no Yasuaki by TaylorHatake
Hachiyou Shimon by TaylorHatake
A portrait like this? You'll be in love with it. It can be a self-portrait, or a portrait of your character OR a fictional character you like (as long as its not Tobi/Obito from Naruto because I hate him to no end and I refuse to draw him). Black and white, or colored. Its optional.

No backgrounds.
Full Body Anime
Whisper by TaylorHatake
Ohayo by TaylorHatake
Taylor Sketch by TaylorHatake
Do you want a full body of your character? Here's what some of them would look like. 

You have the choice between full color (middle pic) or grayscale (left) or black and white with hatching (right). Background optional (but depends on how difficult it is).

It can be a self-portrait, or a portrait of your character OR a fictional character you like (as long as its not Tobi/Obito from Naruto because I hate him to no end and I refuse to draw him)


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Thanks much for +fav Heart 
Did you enjoy Shobou con? I went also, I was derp'in around to find some friends that went, then found your journal! ^^
TaylorHatake Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh yes! I loved Shobou Con, like always! Lol. Do I happen to know you irl?

*shrug* I'm just stalking Shobou con peoples. Non-creepily of course XD
TaylorHatake Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol hmmmm that's cool :XD: How'd you manage to find my page though? :XD: I don't remember giving out my dA account this year 

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